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The Late Night Vision Show

The Late Night Vision Show

A good friend of mine (Jason) owns a rather unique business. He specializes in selling night vision optics for hunting purposes and his primary customer base are folks that try to keep the feral hog population under control on their property. Due to the often nocturnal behavior of these animals, the ability to see them in evening hours is crucial.

Being a fairly young and rapidly growing industry with new products hitting the market frequently, Jason saw an opportunity to provide news, reviews and insider info to his current and potential customers. He and another friend decided to create a podcast to share their knowledge in this arena.

Once the podcast got off the ground, Jason needed a website. I created a WordPress-based site that automatically displays the video version of each episode that he adds to his YouTube channel. This way, his audience can listen to the audio-only version or watch the video of Jason and his co-host.

The popularity of their podcast is skyrocketed beyond their initial expectations and their new website is sure to increase their visibility, credibility and help their audience continue to grow.

Check out their website at The Late Night Vision Show.

The Late Night Vision Show website
Desktop view of The Late Night Vision Show’s website

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